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I've tried to be a helpful and productive member by making some anatomy tutorials and sharing them for free.

I want to continue making and sharing. Any donations you can give for support will help and I will love you for it :D.


I will even do a detailed inked COMMISSION for anyone who gives 1600 points, or an inked and colored commission for donations of over 2000 points.

Thank you SO MUCH for your support!


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Nemo Filipovic
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Current Residence: Earth
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Favourite genre of music: Metal
Favourite photographer: Vickie Gray
Favourite style of art: Comic Art and 3D
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Skin of choice: Iron Man suit
Favourite cartoon character: Dexter, from dex's lab
Personal Quote: I know freedom. I will not compromise


Fantasy Character Chart by NemoNova
Fantasy Character Chart
I was brainstorming some character types/classes a year or so ago for several projects I was working on and contributing to. This is the extra stuff that wasn't included. 
    I hope you can get an idea of How I work to create characters. I try to vary them as I go, but not too much since then they wouldn't be part of the same world. 

Out of the hundreds only 1-5 may make it through to production, but that is just how it is. 
Fantasy Pencils by NemoNova
Fantasy Pencils
I actually drew these about a year ago, maybe more. I never posted them because they were part of a project I was working on at the time with a small team, but it never panned out. I guess I'll post them now. 

Sketch Dump 10 by NemoNova
Sketch Dump 10
Just a random collection of some inkings I've done over the last couple of days. I've got a tutorial or two coming. One is on lighting and the other in another anatomy lesson. Let's see how well it works out. 

As always, Thanks to everyone for looking at my stuff and enjoying it. The rest of you can burn.... BURN! 
HEADS UP: Drawing the Head from a low angle. by NemoNova
HEADS UP: Drawing the Head from a low angle.
Another tutorial for everyone here today. Someone asked me to handle this subject and make it easier. It took me a long long time to make this b/c I had 20 other projects on the go, but I am happy that it is finished now. 

Here is a link to the other tutorials:…

Tell me what you guys think. I believe people will find this helpful, but if it isn't.... well... TOUGH TITTIES b/c I'm giving it out for free anyway! 

--> Much Love :D 
MacFord Cover by NemoNova
MacFord Cover
MacFord is a Shakespearean telling of an epic Canadian tragedy written by a friend of mine back from University. He commissioned me to draw the cover and internal illustrations:  

The Cover shows our very regal protagonist looking off into the future. All seems hopeful and well. Will it last?  

**Here is the link to the script! Have a read. It's really good. I honestly loved reading it through:
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Hey guys :).

It's been awhile since my last journal entry, but if you've been reading the writing beneath my deviations you should have a good idea as to my state of affairs. I wanna go over some thoughts in my head and update my watchers/friends. Maybe something here will get a dialogue going.

I'm interested in hearing your thoughts. 

So my last journal entry was a couple of months ago and a lot has changed. I grew apprehensive of the machinist position I earned. I was almost injured several times by the carelessness of my colleagues. The management [ and I use the term loosely] completely ignored these events. The clear measures which would increase safety were not taken, and I was literally fearing for my life. Some other workers were not as lucky. No fatalities, but several injuries were incurred. As such, I now work as an Undertaker for a leading funeral services provider here in Canada.

I've done work for dozens of funeral homes in the Greater Toronto Area, as well as various bodies of law enforcement and the Coroner's office itself. For the sake of brevity I'll just say that, along with many other responsibilities, I've conducted body removals, assisted in embalming, packaging, shipping and the internment of countless departed. I've even made the news a couple of times for the more uncanny passings. All of this is pretty exciting for me and I awake at the beginning of a new day genuinely proud of what I do, because for a long time I carried a shame in me that I hid. 

I never spoke of it before, but I want to address it. A lot of creators know how selfish "making" can be. The dungeons we seal ourselves in are our fortresses of solitude and a lot of us didn't really fit in "out there" to begin with. Most theorize that it is that very same ostracism buying us time which makes our abilities possible, but who do they help? Most of the time it's not good for us either! Being an artist is not the most lucrative field, with extremely few of us being able to survive on art alone, saying nothing of prospering to the point of acquiring a car, a descent house, supporting a family etc... Honestly, it's probably easier to become a doctor, or a lawyer. I enjoyed doing my work while the others in my family were working hard, hating it, and earning more than I. A few years ago I realized that they were beginning to resent supporting me and/or my not carrying an equal share of life's financial burden.  

It was regular white and no-collar jobs that got me my car, apartment, super computer, sweet phone etc... and all the same things for my girlfriend, who I love very much. Her standard of living is very important to me, and most days I just try to do what I can to make her, my mom's and my cat's life easier. When I was younger I thought mostly of myself, snapping at anyone who disrespected me, but now I'm a lot less concerned with myself. Maybe that's what changes when you become a man: you take responsibility, love your family and friends and provide as hard as you can.  

I've been lucky, or maybe I worked for it -- I don't know--  but I was able to support myself, my girlfriend and my cat on art alone for a couple of months, but it was damn hard; my bank account over-drafted on a regular basis as I was "living the dream." Funeral services makes money a non-issue, and I am free to do art, which I love, the way I want, instead of feeling like a dancing monkey doing ridiculous work out of desperation. Now I pick the interesting jobs, and reject the rest.        

Would I be happier if I was making the same money doing art instead? Honestly, probably not, because I want almost total creative control, as not all creators are destined for the studio [I've been working on a certain  project for over a year now and am soon to release it]. 

I don't mean to sound disheartening. If you're young, have the support, time and money to develop, then go right ahead and go for the studio job. Maybe you'll be happiest if you achieve greatness. I just hope that you don't have to sacrifice things like the greatness of family and life experiences. Drawing in that cubical, or home office could work for you, but please develop other skills. Don't be useless. Work for something/someone besides your own ego and gratification. All functioning people have to know to cook, clean, physically work and care for others. These things, plus your art, will make you high a value person who is worthy of love from others and yourself. 

*Be excellent to each other. 



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cail-couture Featured By Owner May 5, 2015  Student General Artist
Thanks for checking out my work ☻ 
NemoNova Featured By Owner May 5, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
no problemo. ur stuff is vibrant. I think you've got "the eye". Could be time to take more risks tho.  
azulacat14 Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I really love your artwork! And your tutorials are amazing! 
But I was wondering why you don't have a lot of traffic on devart. I think you should submit your art to a lot more groups. It really helps and makes a difference!
NemoNova Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
My girlfriend tells me that same. I wonder how many groups in total I should submit to for each piece. The ones which I have submitted I usually do to around 5-10. Should I do more? Any suggestions as to which are the good groups? 

--> Sorry for the late reply, Sparker. I have a strange day job with strange hours. Thanks for even looking at my work. I really appreciate it :)  
azulacat14 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I submit them to as many as possible. The thing is with groups is you don't want only large (1000+ people) groups. Join some smaller groups that have around 50 to 200 active posters. Since there won't be many pictures streaming in to the smaller groups your pictures will stand out among the crowd. Also join groups that have a subject that you often draw (ex. Pokemon, Big Hero 6, Crazy Creatures, Digital Inking)
That's all of what I can think of on the spot. Hopefully this could help you get the recognition you deserve.
Good luck! :D
GlyphBellchime Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Since I'm trying to keep up with a resolution and I faved some tutorials, this is my comment for them: they will come in handy.
AgileRhino Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2015
I may not be as eloquent as some here, but I want to thank you, thank you so much, for all those wicked ass tutorials. There are a lot of tutorials on this site, but precious few of them are this good! 

Keep on rocking dude! :headbang:
Iskarien Featured By Owner Edited Feb 3, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I was trying really hard to improve my drawing skills for a bit more than year now, and so far it worked it pretty great. And then I suddenly stumbled across many many anatomical details that I had no clue how to draw or visualize under certain circumstances and in certain poses. Looking up medical anatomy has helped a bit, but it felt like learning and memorizing without really understanding the whole thing, understanding how different parts of the body move and change during said movement.

That was until I stumbled across your tutorials here. I think this is the first time I really understood how various muscles really work, without having to repeat to memorize it over and over again, because it all makes sense now. Really well done illustrations, without unneccessary and distracting detail, but with everything essential clearly and easily understandable.

Nowadays we find great help on the internet, think "Oh, this is nice" and move on. But not this time. I really have to thank you for taking your time and sharing your knowledge. I am sure my artwork will improve a great big deal because of this.

Keep up the good work! :)
MadAlleyCat Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2014  Professional Filmographer
Thank you for taking the time to make those awesome tutorials. It's always useful to see others approach to drawing and techniques!
NemoNova Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No problem. I gotta do a couple more for the head and face features, so stay tuned. 

    What should I start with? 
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